My Fitness Handbook Created By Facebook Following Demand

I just recently turned 56 years yg and still doing the damn thing 😁. Fitness is Medicine. I truly believe, when done correctly, exercise is the fountain of youth. My popular fitness handbook was created based on the fact that my thousands of followers on Facebook wanted to know “how I did it “. So, I decided to give them, at 2 months from 48yrs yg; over 3 decades of solid knowledge and experience.

Some of these people worked with me on film or tv projects so they knew me personally. Some were from my technology management days. Others were inspired by my authenticity and inspirational posts. The success of this book is really based on experience and being authentic to my readers.


You can get your copy at

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“In life,…

“In life, your existence is not based on what others think about you. Whether they like or love you. Your life is based upon the pure essence on whether you like and love you. Because no matter how good of a person you are, you will find the haters in the wings.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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More Than Enough


Today or rather most of the morning,  I was deep in thought on how God (i.e., Spirit,  Universe, Omnipotent Positive Energy) truly gives us more than enough for our calling.

I  had recently heard Will Smith speaking on loving his life and being famous .   He said there’s the downside to it because everyone wants to sue the wealthy.   So much so, that he keeps a number of attorneys on a monthly retainer as he gets sued about 15 times a year.

Still,  he adds that he would much rather have this life because he worked so hard to make it.

Here’s the thing, whatever your calling is,  God is going to give you more than enough of whatever you need to get there.  And, He is not done making sure you have more than enough.   Whatever negative energy comes your way, he’ll make certain that you can afford to fend off the exploiters.  Just as He did with Will.

Those things coming at you will not succeed where God has placed you. 

I’ve certainly have seen this in my own life.  More than enough for what I am to do according to my calling.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Grandma and Granddaughter Flexing?!! Oh My?😂🤛💕

My 2nd out of 3 granddaughters, Willow. She’s 5yr yg, a gymnast and a cheerleader.

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There is Power in Your Pain

“Your pain is only there to create the masterpiece.  It’s the power ignited from the pain that allows the transformation from walking corpse to masterpiece.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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 ©Emma Ortega Negrete 
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“You don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy. The only approval you need is your very own. “ ©Emma Ortega Negrete

Stop seeking someone to approve of what you know will make you happy.

Don’t look for your friends, family or coworkers to do it for you – they can’t! You are your own individual and being at your authentic self is where peace and joy are found.

The only one stopping your happiness is YOU.

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Empowerment Breeds Life

It’s tough to be present in the NOW if you are emotionally and/or physically in pain. Therefore, understand that you are responsible for taking action to change your circumstances. No one can do it for you.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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 ©Emma Ortega Negrete 
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Inspirational quote from the book, Shut That Negative Noise Off! and Find Your Joy In Life
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Shine Your Light

“…we should never dim our light or water ourselves down for anyone.  For it is our light that connects with other lights in order to drown the darkness in this World. ” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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