Christmas Town Outing

Enjoying the Christmas Town Outing with family and friends.  Treasure your peace and joy for it is priceless.

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“You can’t…


“You can’t rush the creation of a masterpiece.  For it needs to go through the rough terrain in order to build the foundation of strength, resiliency, determination and perseverance.”  ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Always Be Yourself


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Happiness and Love

Spending the early afternoon with my youngest granddaughter, Skylar and daughter.   Love our quality time together.



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To Do Good You Must Feel Good First

The title statement said it all and it’s pretty trivial. However, there are so many simple phrases to remind us on how to live life to the fullest but we tend to forget and often need reminding.

It’s almost like we’re living in a bubble looking for the complex solution in order to find fulfillment.

Phrases like: life is too short…let go and move forward…love is the answer…better to lose a minute of your life than your life in a minute (slow down)…stop complaining and start taking action…the best road traveled is not the smooth one…live and learn…forgive and forget…leave the past where it belongs…and the list goes on.

So STOP looking for a complex solution to your problem, it’s actually pretty simple and not as bad as you think it is. Start finding the rainbows along your storms.

And, always remember to invest in empowering yourself because money doesn’t buy you love just sex and spiritual wealth puts any other type of wealth to shame.

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Fitness Strategies


If you find yourself like a yoyo; a hamster on a spinning wheel going nowhere; or better yet,  you are eating healthy and reducing your calories  but still not losing weight.  Here’s my popular fitness handbook to show you the way.

If I can do it- as a chronic back pain sufferer along with the anxiety that comes from it and grandma at 55, so can you.


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When You’ve Had Enough


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Just had to get a picture with Frosty. 😁❤

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“Becareful not…

Becareful not to lose your own happiness and purpose in life because your focus is far greater on making others happy.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Happy Times


My eldest granddaughter and I.   Making happy memories is part of life’s journey.

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