The Kindle Version Available Tomorrow On This Title


This title is all in color which is why the paperback price can’t go any lower without me at least making a buck.  I just created the Kindle Version and set the price at the lowest it allows-$2.99.  I’ll make $1.  Yep, you read right $1 freak’n dollar.

Now do I think my work is worth more?  HELL YEAH!!  It costs me more to be here and post empowerment words; to travel and write empowerment words/quotes, etc.  I have a passion for it among other things called “LIFE”.  I write because I love it but there has to be a ROI (return on investment).  We all have bills to pay, trust me I know.

This book has photographs I took in various places of  Japan and Mexico.  On top of it, every picture has self empowerment words of wisdom under them.

It will be available tomorrow.  I will no doubt repost.  I only get a $1 for my hard work on this book.

I’ve been on social media since the Myspace Days.  It’s been 14 years of busting my behind.  I’ve changed the media outlets.  I think I’ll eventually try the Gram to show my life and what I’m all about.  It’s time to make some real $$$$ dinero, yo quiero yo quiero dinero


Enjoy your evening or morning wherever you’re at, Emma

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The Title Speaks Volumes

51geJuu-5TLThe only thing holding you back is YOU

Bless up, Emma

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FREE Reads for short period

Friends, With my new title out, I put three books into the kindle unlimited program which means IT’S FREE FOR YOU TO READ.  YES, FREE!!

Go to and you will see the 3 books that are free for less than 90 days.  Get inspired and awaken your spirit.

Blessings, Emma

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Are You Truly Living or Just Existing


With all the horrible tragedies happening in the World,  do you ever ask yourself “am I really doing what I want?”  That really is the basis behind truly living.

I know there’ll be times when you can’t because shit happens but OVERALL are you fulfilled with Your life?

Heck, I returned on Tuesday from being out of town for the weekend and got sick with some respiratory infection.   Last time I got sick like this was 14 yrs ago.   Nevertheless ,  I still managed to enjoy time with family and friends seeing the Xmas Tree Lighting Event, do some light exercise throughout the week, get up and put some bachata music on at 7am and start dancing, basic shopping needs and so on.

Bottomline,  I didn’t lay in bed feeling sorry for myself.    That will just make you feel worse.

If you’re not a victim in some way with all the shootings and mass destructions; why are you waiting for permission to live?

Get out there even if you’re doing shit alone.  I do things alone 90% of the time and, honestly,  that’s usually better because I find like-minded people to chat and/or hang out with.  So Fuck The Pain and Make Today Your Bitch.




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Tree Lighting Event w/ my Family

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Promotional reduction until Dec. 1st, 2018


My popular fitness handbook has been reduced to $7.99 only and Kindle version $4.99, lowest it’s ever been! You WILL NOT see it this low again.



In this book you get 3 decades of fitness lifestyle experience, concise and to the point without fluffing the book with unnecessary jargon.  Contents and substance are key not page count.  Firm believer in this .

This book is definitely for males as well. Don’t let the subtitle confuse you.  If a grandma can get shredded with ripped abs, while healing from herniated discs-no reason why you can’t.  Of course,  if you don’t desire to, that’s okay too.

However, as Cher once said “if it came in a bottle,  we’d all have it”.  You have to work for it.

Success takes works.  Don’t get fooled by some bullshit gadget or weight pill. They don’t work because you gain all the weight back and then some.

Bottomline, you have to invest in yourself not only in material things. Those won’t help your health.

Stats show that people invest in a lot of crap but when it comes to something so important like their health, it gets kicked to the curb until they get a serious ailment.

You can go to

Invest in YOU through self empowerment and everything else will become much easier to do according to your authentic, highest self.

The realist, Emma


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You Want The Truth or The Bullshit?

As an empowerment coach,  all my writings came with a heavy fucking price- PAIN.

A lot of life is about pain in different forms .   You get to decide what you’re willing to give up to finally have, what you deserve, fulfillment.



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Want to heal? Let Go

There are so many things in this World that we can find ourselves hanging onto too tightly. Those things may even be beliefs that, in actuality, rob us of our joy. God did not intend on us living a miserable life listening to all the negativity that other people tell us or the negative thoughts that come into our minds.

His thoughts are always loving towards us. He wants us to enjoy our lives and not get caught up in anything or anyone who robs us from receiving our very best.

So you see, ailments, family, jobs, friends, false beliefs and so on can actually be keeping you from living life to the fullest. Sometimes, the ill don’t realize that they are ill and permeating negative energy. Therefore, it is for you to NOT RECEIVE IT.

To learn more about me and my book titles, go to

Be Blessed, Emma

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#TBT Happy Place

2017gbabiesresizeA year ago with my 3 granddaughters.

Get as much joy out of your life as possible.

Bless up, Emma

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Failure and Success

You learn just as much in failure as you do in success.

Bless up,  Emma

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