“If you

“If you have so much time on your hands that being nosy into what others are doing keeps you busy; then you most definitely are the only perfect person in the World. ” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

Folks, life is way too short to be an antagonistic force out there, especially to yourself. In due time, you’ll wonder why you were wasting time being a busybody. When, in fact, you should have been working on getting yourself together.

Spending time in an unproductive way may seem easier than working on yourself. Don’t let fear redirect your focus on something other than yourself.

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Real Talk

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Pointless Opinions

My latest book, “F*ck The Pain and Make Today Your Bitch” is extremely powerful to help you gain your power back. Detox the naysayers, frenemies, fake people, stressful jobs, false beliefs and so much more to get to your highest authentic self.

“Success is made through authenticity.”
©Emma Ortega Negrete

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What Is Life About?

“In life, the memories of all that is good and bad are what become your blueprints to designing the Best of You.   If you didn’t have them,  what would fuel the fires of strength,  determination and dedication?” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Own Your Tomorrow


Do you truly truly want to feel better?? Do you want to detox all the negative energy around you??

Well then as they say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.

It’s no longer a stigma to love yourself.

These books were written by an empowerment coach who knows what physical and emotional pain do to us.

God does not put us on a battlefield to create weaklings but rather warriors to show others the way.“©Emma Ortega Negrete

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If You Want People To Know…

To purchase my empowerment, self-help books, go to www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete

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You Already Have The Solution, Stop Fighting It

“With any given amount of love and care accompanied by want and desire; you have the tonic to a successful resolve. “ ©Emma Ortega Negrete

**This quote was written after a coaching session with a person with a narcissistic personality disorder.

Empowerment, self help and mentoring books at http://www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete

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“Life may not be a walk in the park.  However, with a little bit of gratitude and self-love, you can see the sunshine even when it’s raining.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

My inspirational titles are available at www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete 



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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be fearless” but that can really mean so many things to each individual.

You see, each individual is either going through something or just got out of a difficult situation.

In order to be fearless, you have to address whatever storm you’re in period. For example, if a person is looking to be in the best shape of their life; they first have to address their health. If their health has some ailments, well then those ailments need to be addressed first in order to properly exercise and not sabotage your efforts.

Whatever your storm is, be fearless in doing all you have to do to live out your dreams-your best life ever. Leave your mark in this World because YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ©Emma Ortega Negrete

For my books of empowerment, go to www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete

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You Want Your Power Back???


Lets get real here – we all know the state of emotions that are peace, joy and happiness – right? I  mean you’re with me so far?

Ok then.  So whatever is robbing you from those wonderful state of emotions requires you to address.

YOU are the only one that can do something about it.   Yes, YOU!

Either you’re still begging someone to love you or maybe you just heard too many stories about what medications can do to your organs so you refuse to pop the fucking pill(s) in you to feel better.

I mean you’re where you are because you refuse to let go period and take care of you first. 

The very people that are telling you not to pop that pill for your health, are busy smoking weed to calm their pain and anxiety.   They’re the people eating crap that will kill them first because, guess what? there really isn’t anything organic and all foods contain something that is considered bad for your health. The stories change everyday if you listen to these dimwits with so-called PhDs and whatnot.   It’s the blind following the clueless blind.

I mean too much fruit will get stored as fat and you’ll become diabetic if you’re eating enough sugar from fruits.   I’ve seen this in my own family.   Off fruits for a month was my prescription and I’m no licensed doctor.   She was back to normal .

So this is one small part of letting go.  The other things to address are everything that is toxic and preventing you from discovering your joy.

True authenticity is the greatest joy and freedom one can have?!  So what’s holding you back from getting your power back?

©Emma Ortega Negrete

To purchase my empowerment books, go to at http://www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete

And 5 others to choose from…

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