Be Fearless

Folks, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be fearless” but that can really mean so many things to each individual.

You see, each individual is either going through something or just got out of a storm.

In order to be fearless, you have to address whatever storm you’re in period. For example, if a person is looking to be in the best shape of their life; they first have to address their health. If their health has some ailments, well then those ailments need to be addressed first in order to properly exercise and not sabotage your efforts.

Whatever your storm is, be fearless in doing all you have to do to live out your dreams-your best life ever. Leave your mark in this World because YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Much Love,  Light and Blessings,  Emma

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The Power in the Name Jesus


Much Love,  Light and Blessings,  Emma

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You’ve Got Nothing To Lose And All To Gain

“…I mean when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only other way is up.  So take chances, follow your dreams and passions because you’ve got nothing to lose but rather all to gain.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

Much Love, Light and Blessings,  Emma


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God Is Not Keeping Score on Your Wrongdoings


Do you know that God(i.e., Source, Universe, Spirit, Omnipotent Positive Energy) is not keeping score of the bad decisions you have made.    He is keeping track of all the good and great things you have already done for His Glory.

God knows that if He kept track of what you did wrong or didn’t do right; you would be stuck in a depressive state.  God is the Great Encourager.  He’s there to embrace you when you think you messed things up or didn’t follow through with something He placed in your heart.

God is not Man.  Man is the one that keeps score and wants to make you feel bad.   You belong to God, not Man.

The only thing God is keeping track of is the extra grace and mercy that He is going to give you so that you can continue producing more fruits for His Glory.

He wants your vineyard to grow across the nations.  He is your biggest cheerleader!

So, cheer up if you didn’t quite do a good deed today.  Focus on all the good and great things you have done and move forward.  Put the past in the past where it belongs because that is what God would want you to do.

“In Life, you must not dwell on any negative past.  For if you do; you will certainly never see your tomorrow because you will stay dormant in that negative state.” @Emma Ortega Negrete

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Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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Detoxify Your Life Not just Your Body.

Get rid of the closet haters that really don’t want you to succeed.  Your circle of true supporters are those who genuinely want you to excel even if you surpass them.  Those are the keepers.

Invest in You and reap the rewards of Mind, Body and Soul health.

Much Love,  Light and Blessings , Emma

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Inspirational Titles on Sale!


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Be Blessed!


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Want to heal? Let Go

There are so many things in this World that we can find ourselves hanging onto too tightly. Those things may even be beliefs that, in actuality, rob us of our joy. God did not intend on us living a miserable life listening to all the negativity that other people tell us or the negative thoughts that come into our minds.

His thoughts are always loving towards us. He wants us to enjoy our lives and not get caught up in anything or anyone who robs us from receiving our very best.

So you see, ailments, family, jobs, friends, false beliefs and so on can actually be keeping you from living life to the fullest. Sometimes, the ill don’t realize that they are ill and permeating negative energy. Therefore, it is for you to NOT RECEIVE IT.

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Be Blessed, Emma

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There is Power in Your Pain

“Your pain is only there to create the masterpiece.  It’s the power ignited from the pain that allows the transformation from walking corpse to masterpiece.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Much Love,  Light and Blessings, Emma


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Your Internal Compass (Spirt, God…)

We all have an internal compass (spirit within) that guides us to what it is we are suppose to do in the life that is given to us.  That internal compass comes with a great deal of passion in order to get one to pursue that purpose.  However, often times,  especially these days with stressful life events hitting the World can add to any of our existing ailments.

Just the other day, I watched the Lifetime movie on Simone Biles, Olympic Gold Gymnast who needed her ADHD medication in order to accomplish her purpose.  Passion and innate ability gave her the strength, agility and power to physically perform but she still needed something to help her concentrate and stay focus on her main purpose.

Demi Lovato, is Bipolar and requires her medication in order to pursue her purpose as a singer.

Olympian Gold Medalist Swimmer, Michael Phelps, also with ADHD.

Jessica Alba has OCD and not only is she a successful actress but rather a very successful entrepreneur with a $1.7 Billion company called Honest.

Just feel free to google celebrities with disorders and you will be amazed that YOU are not alone.  And, to boot, they are NOT ashamed to tell you about their difficulties.  In fact, they share to put hope and to show that one can conquer our ailments.  “We are much more than our ailments.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

I mentioned my story over and over about my chronic back pain with anxiety.  It’s in my author’s page link below.  Long story short, I suffered a back injury in 2007, a week after started having anxiety attacks and 11 years later I am still taking medications for pain and anxiety.  If I didn’t, I honestly wouldn’t be alive…honestly.  However, I through the power of God (that internal compass) have managed to write and publish inspirational books, life coach multimillionaires, actors/actresses, CEOs, doctors, nurses and the list goes on.  I continue my exercise for health and am now 55years young, mother and grandmother. I’m here to live my best life ever without any excuses and with no one’s permission to pursue my dreams.

So what’s the difference between us with ailments and you?   Are you willing to take the step(s) to get the help you need and not care about what others think or have to say about you even if they are in your own family and/or friends circle.  Dump the toxic people that aren’t helping you become your Best You.  Kick them to the curb!!!

Heck, I have family members and/or friends that need to be on some form of medication but worry more about what others will say.  They ain’t paying my bills or feeling my pain! F*ck them!

What I’m hoping for is that anyone suffering with any type of disorder or ailment whether it  be temporary or not, do what you have to in order to get to your best self.  Once you are at your best self you can execute what your passion(s) are and become the person you were meant to be.  God makes no mistakes.


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Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.

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Truly Live

“In order to truly live, you must not be afraid to die .” ©Emma Ortega Negrete



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