None Of Us Can Save The World Alone, We Just Do Our Part

These past few days, I had read a couple posts and they all related to a child’s untimely death.  Both children died a horrific death, the girl from Thailand and the boy from Idaho.  Girl murdered by her father and boy from his stepfather.  My heart gets torn every time so I do my best to stay away from spotting these stories and even watching the news.  All I can do is pray and be the best person for myself, my family and anyone else who crosses my journey of life.

Which brings me to the point of loving yourself enough to be your best self.  There are so many people ashamed and worried about what someone else is going to say if they need some sort of treatment that they go on to live and make other people’s lives miserable.  At least the people that allow that type of negative energy in their lives.  However, children don’t have a say and imagine the toddlers.

So today I say to anyone struggling with mental issues or any type of pain, understand this:  it’s not going to go away on its own – you have to RISE ABOVE WHAT OTHERS THINK EVEN IF IT’S YOUR OWN FAMILY.  You are in a toxic state and you need to remove any other toxicity in your life in order to begin to help yourself.

You are not living nor spreading positivity to your loved ones nor anyone else for that matter.  Don’t you realize that you are much more than the negativity energy that has you in bondage?  If you have children and can’t care for them, take them to a police station so that they may have a chance at living the life God promised.

You know, it is said in scripture that God can take any negativity and turn it to a positive and I believe it.  But, I personally know it’s easier said than done.  I lost all my grandparents, parents, brothers, nephew and brother-in-law.  That’s just one of the major storms.  God has kept me alive through countless storms I can’t even keep track.  No, I’M NOT LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY, I’M HOPING THAT THESE WORDS TOUCH YOU IN SUCH A WAY THAT ALMIGHTY GOD INFUSES HIS POWER IN YOU TO GET THE HELP YOU NEED.  God allowed the boy’s death to serve for His Glory.  The boys organs were donated to children in need of transplants.  I can only imagine the majestic masterpieces that God will create with these organ recipients.  You know because even in death, there is always purpose.

Be Well and remember You are the only one to define YOUR Best Self.

Blessings, Emma

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