You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Yourself, Please Reblog


What prompted me to write this is based on a few people blogging that are in emotional and maybe even physical pain but seem stuck in a rut and also angry at everyone.

Pain is not your friend nor is anyone who is causing that pain.  In life, you have to realize to show up for yourself and stop begging people, includes your blood relatives,  to love you.

This book no doubt was pressed in my spirit to get those folks stuck in a mental bondage thinking they need to sacrifice their life for love.  Your authenticity is what you need to be striving for in order to have peace, joy and happiness.

Here’s the cover again,   Please forward and reblog as I believe many are suffering in silence.  Frankly,  I  think anyone can relate but you need to be the judge.  Take care of YOU.



About Self Empowerment Lifecoach

I am a self empowerment author/writer and lifestyles coach for over 2 decades. I have coached entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, doctors. Nurses, fitness enthusiast and list goes on. A mother and grandmother. I have worked in many arenas and have found myself always helping others do and be their best. For more about me, go to
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10 Responses to You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Yourself, Please Reblog

  1. Jessica says:

    Reblogged this on Wifey 101 and commented:
    If you’re suffering with pain or unhappiness in your life, check out this blog post, it may help you tremendously!!

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  2. broshicks says:

    Quite empowering…hey am new to blogging….check out my first publication on facts and fictions life…my u have my flexing abudance

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  4. mleigh says:

    I love this and it is, word-for-word, so relatable to my life. Thank you for checking out my (very new blog). Every bit is so validating! Love and light…

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