Understand Who You Belong To So You Know Who You Are


Get this deep down in your spirit – God,  Universe,  Higher Power,  Omnipotent Positive Energy or whatever you wish to call it; you were not made to be in despair or any other form of emotion that keeps you in bondage .

You were not meant to beg for anything and; most certainly love.   You are love because that’s what created you.

So before you start following the crowd of ignorant naysayers, trolls and exploiters looking for something free, stand your ground and send those liars and thieves to hell.

You cannot fight off those negative forces if you don’t understand who you belong to and who you are.

Know that the Highest Power does not want you to be in pain and in a vulnerable state.   God wants you to be empowered by His Majestic Power to break those strongholds in your family,  social circle and everyday contacts.

The vultures and manipulators would love to sell you the story that you have to do for others first and be a sacrificial lamb for them.  When in reality,  you have to look out for numero uno first.   Otherwise you’ll find yourself miserable in defeat after they’ve gotten you to rock bottom in spirit,  health and wealth.

God intended for us to be abundant in all areas with our spirit being strong and powerful to attack the negative energy when it shows up dead in our face.

You got trolls hanging around even here on WP trying to destroy your spirit the moment they realize that you know your true worth.

Keep your mind aligned with your spirit.  And DON’T EVER let anyone break it.  That’s exactly what they’re after.

KNOW YOU, DO YOU and the right people will show up in your journey.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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About Self Empowerment Lifecoach

I am a freelance empowerment author/writer and lifestyles coach for over 2 decades. I have coached entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, doctors. Nurses, fitness enthusiast and list goes on. A mother and grandmother. I have worked in many arenas and have found myself always helping others do and be their best. For more about me, go to www.amazon.com/author/emmaorteganegrete
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9 Responses to Understand Who You Belong To So You Know Who You Are

  1. Sometimes, your writings may reach someone just at the perfect moment. They lift someone and relight their fire when they need it most…as if the words were speaking right to them. Thank you for what you wrote.

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  2. paddywall28 says:

    I have ran out of words, my vision board is quickly getting full with @EmmaOrtega’s quotes 😀😀 I love every post you write. Keep it up!!!

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