Self Love First – Chronic Pain and Anxiety Do Not Define Me, What’s your excuse for not loving yourself?


Again,  I’ll state I’m no longer a selfie person as it got old for me.  I prefer posting a pic when someone has taken it.

Anyhow,  the reason why I’m posting this pic is to show you that your Higher Power keeps His Word.  Just 2 hours ago, I was talking to my creator to have my meds kick in as I was in a lot of pain and wanted my peace and joy that He promises daily.  (For those that are new followers you probably don’t know that I have chronic back pain and anxiety for 12yrs now.  It’s also stated in my author page. )

Well let me tell you, when them bad boys kicked in I sprung to change into my workout gear.  I could’ve taken the day off,  as I have done that before,  but it’s almost as if God purposely set my heart on fire to go workout.   He wanted to show me that if I’m obedient to loving myself by taking my meds then all that omnipotent positive energy will ignite in me and I will get my peace and joy .

Therefore, whatever your beliefs are,  or; if you’re struggling to love yourself,  know that you have to be willing to do what it takes otherwise how are you going to find your joy? – find what makes you happy?  How is someone going to love you if you are showing them that you won’t even love you?  How are you suppose to attract positive energy in your  life? How are you suppose to get rid of all the toxic people instead of attracting them to you?

The real question is are you doing what you know that you have to do in order to find your joy?  If not, don’t complain or cry victim. What excuse can you give for not loving yourself??

My fitness handbook didn’t come from a 20 or 30 or 40 yr. yg. person.  It came from a woman with a lot of substance at almost 48yrs yg.   I am now headed to 56 in less than 2 months and a grandma.  A woman with the aforementioned ailments that defied the odds and continues to never give up.

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About Self Empowerment Lifecoach

I am a freelance empowerment author/writer and lifestyles coach for over 2 decades. I have coached entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, doctors. Nurses, fitness enthusiast and list goes on. A mother and grandmother. I have worked in many arenas and have found myself always helping others do and be their best. For more about me, go to
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10 Responses to Self Love First – Chronic Pain and Anxiety Do Not Define Me, What’s your excuse for not loving yourself?

  1. fauxcroft says:

    Yeah but you make selfies look hot lol 🙂

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  2. That reminds me, I need to get back into swimsuit shape. Winter won’t last forever. LOL!

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  3. Scarpoe says:

    Look Great!

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  4. A real-life Wonder Woman.

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