Are You Creating Your Sadness??


Your best decisions will come from a place of peace.

When you discipline yourself to do this you will always be successful. Yes, I said you will always be successful.

What, I don’t understand I made a decision when I was at peace and it didn’t turn out to be successful??? What do you mean, Emma??

The answer is actually pretty simple. When you do something in a peaceful state, you are at the highest state of acceptance no matter the outcome. When you accept that it didn’t workout. You are not stuck in the unknown and handicap from your pursuit. You are actually more empowered by the acceptance of the discovery.

One example I’ll give as there can be so very many but here it goes.

I went to a new beach yesterday to discover if it would dampen or uplift my spirit. I was at peace. I had been thinking about that place for a couple weeks. I wanted to know if this place would be a future option to take pictures but also to meet like-minded people as myself-POSITIVE, AUTHENTIC and TRANSPARENT. My focus was on making a greater determination of relocating and so my pursuit is to find more things that bring me joy and weed out those that don’t. In this way, I will make the best decision for ME.

The joy we receive is based on what we are willing to do and sacrifice.

Having said that, there are too many people making hasty decisions; which obviously are not peaceful decisions. Those decisions in turn create a vicious cycle of making poor attempts to find their joy, success or whatever their venue is at hand. In this manner, they put themselves in a vicious and relentless pursuit of sadness instead of joy because success is only found with a peaceful spirit.

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  1. I have to work purposefully to not be quick to say things or to make decisions. At 38 I am still working to take a minute and a breath!

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  2. Absolutely true Emma! To attain equilibrium is the ultimate objective of life and taking decisions in peace is the only enabler. Great post!

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  3. JulieBarbera says:

    Great reminder! 😇

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  4. Maddie love says:

    Thank you I’m inspired

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