Acceptance is Key to Moving Forward


I’ve been reading a lot of posts as well as coaching people and the greatest problem I have found is that, in general, people don’t like to accept the negative state that they are in. Who does??

We all hate pain of any sort (i.e., divorce, job loss, death, illness, betrayal) but we must feel that emotion and allow ourselves to grieve a loss of any sort; some worse than others I’m sure.

Therefore, if you don’t accept it; how will you ever move forward? How will you find joy again? This is life.

So with that said, know that you are human and not alone in your struggle. Allow yourself to feel, cry, scream to rid any heartache. For without doing so, you will be in a dormant state that keeps you in agony. There is no life in agony and you simply become a walking corpse. Life is for the living. Don’t take it for granted.

Self love and care yourself to your healing.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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27 Responses to Acceptance is Key to Moving Forward

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. YES! There is no other way but acceptance in order to move forward. Life stops for no one or no-thing. Yes it is very important to grieve but to stay in that state of grieving only stops you from moving on. Excellent post, Emma!! You rock! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  2. Such a good message to share. We all need a bit of self love! Thank you ☺️

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  3. Butch Dias says:

    Awesome!! I needed to hear this. working on this now.

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  4. I’ve recently discovered some negative things about myself after doing a survey on identifying my fears. Hard truth, and now there is work to do. Thank you for these encouraging words!

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  5. Butch Dias says:

    Amen good word

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  6. Anand Bose says:

    Interesting and moving article. Anand Bose from Kerala.

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  7. Amen acceptance is the key to life I have learned that the hard way, I have gotten through a lot through finding blessings and keeping an open mind.

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  8. Yeah….I have a tendency to stay stuck in my anguish at times. Trying to get better at moving forward.

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  9. tomhudson says:

    This post has much prevalence in my life right now. Thank you for this inspiration and advice.

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  10. Markus J. says:


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  11. sempergyrl says:

    I’m actually living this right now!!! And it truly is helping me move on!

    Thank you!

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  12. Absolutely agree! I try to just watch/observe these emotions (without judgement), in doing so, I find the emotions transmute into nothingness…

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