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As an empowerment coach and someone who has had her own share of trials and tribulations; I can honestly tell you through experience to not fight the resistance.

Accept what it is you’re going through and do whatever it takes to naturally put that smile on your face.   The more you fight it (fake it), the worse it gets.

I know it may sound trivial but this is what makes healing take so long.  We want to fight away our physical and or emotional pain as if pretending is going to make it better.

Simone Biles, Olympic champion is one person that I’ll mention.   She was on GMA Good Morning America a few months ago and indicated that she was on some anti-anxiety medication along with therapy treatment.  You can google and find the YouTube video.

Simone accepts what she has to deal with and takes whatever is needed to better herself.   It’s no surprise that she’s a champion.

We can all be champions in our life but we must first accept our situations in order to do what’s required to change them. 

©Emma Ortega Negrete

P.S.  My latest book called F*ck The Pain and Make Today Your Bitch empowers you to get your power back and live authentically,  living basically as a Champion in your own right.

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I am a freelance empowerment author/writer and lifestyles coach for over 2 decades. I have coached entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, doctors. Nurses, fitness enthusiast and list goes on. A mother and grandmother. I have worked in many arenas and have found myself always helping others do and be their best. For more about me, go to
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  1. Alexis Corchado says:

    Hola Emma! Thanks for the support and keep up the good work… Your post reminded me of the importance of acceptance. Have a great one, ciao!

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  2. justingraham says:

    Powerful post. Thanks for sharing!

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