More Than Enough


Today or rather most of the morning,  I was deep in thought on how God (i.e., Spirit,  Universe, Omnipotent Positive Energy) truly gives us more than enough for our calling.

I  had recently heard Will Smith speaking on loving his life and being famous .   He said there’s the downside to it because everyone wants to sue the wealthy.   So much so, that he keeps a number of attorneys on a monthly retainer as he gets sued about 15 times a year.

Still,  he adds that he would much rather have this life because he worked so hard to make it.

Here’s the thing, whatever your calling is,  God is going to give you more than enough of whatever you need to get there.  And, He is not done making sure you have more than enough.   Whatever negative energy comes your way, he’ll make certain that you can afford to fend off the exploiters.  Just as He did with Will.

Those things coming at you will not succeed where God has placed you. 

I’ve certainly have seen this in my own life.  More than enough for what I am to do according to my calling.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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  1. metautami says:

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    Talking about this, I believe that if we grateful then God will give us more. ^^

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  2. rslaton62 says:

    Thank you! This was what I needed today. Thank you for posting. 😁

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