The Market Does Not Dictate Your Value, YOU DO


The market does not dictate your value.  The likes and/or comments you get on your posts does not dictate your value.  The amount of followers do not dictate your value.

YOU dictate your value.  YOU dictate what you are worth.  YOU set the price on the value of your work.

Remember, in a saturated social media market no different than the former historic housing foreclosure market; people adjusted their value based on the price others were willing to sell.  Of course, that is if you wanted to sell your property.  I, however, hung in there until things turned.  I knew the value of my home.  I wasn’t going to give it away.

So here’s the thing, you can’t suit the exploiters or toxic people that don’t know your value and give in to their agenda.  My experiences tell me they don’t know their own value; so how the heck are they going to know yours?

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