Finding Your Authenticity is like winning the Lottery.


Quite often what keeps us from our peace, joy and happiness is that we are stubborn and insist on keeping the wrong company-the circle of friends that in reality become our frenemies because they’re looking out for themselves and not us.

However, we are so desperate to fit in that we trade our authenticity for a clone-like of our frenemies. This happens, at some point, to everyone; usually in our younger years of life.

It’s easy to lose yourself when you are actually around people swaying you into being and doing things that you really don’t care for. But you go ahead and walk their talk because you don’t want to be lonely. But, in reality you’re actually feeling pretty lonely because YOU are not doing what brings you true joy because you’ve become an impostor.

When you finally feel the heavy burden of loneliness and sadness around a crowd as this impostor; that’s when you actually begin to wonder and ask yourself-what the hell am I doing? Who am I anymore?

When you start asking those questions, you are in need of detoxifying your life. That’s the only way you will peel off those fake layers of negativity and find your authenticity.

When you find your authenticity, you’ll recognize that you feel more relieved of the pretenses that you let go of and that empowers you to continue the self-love process in getting you gradually at your highest authentic self. You will feel like you won the lottery because now you have peace, joy and happiness in your conquest of becoming YOU.

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2 Responses to Finding Your Authenticity is like winning the Lottery.

  1. TheTraineeSuperhuman says:

    I do agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this, but I would also add that “seeking the authentic you” should not be a long drawn out task, some people spend years of their lives trying to “work out who they are” when for most the equation is simple, if you do not like what you are doing then change it for something that you do like, friendship groups are largely formed for geographical reasons and are difficult to manipulate when we are young , as you say we largely acquiesce to our peers for fear of rejection, but when we follow our true paths the confidence and happiness that we can find will often attract new social circles by default.

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