You Want Your Power Back???


Lets get real here – we all know the state of emotions that are peace, joy and happiness – right? I  mean you’re with me so far?

Ok then.  So whatever is robbing you from those wonderful state of emotions requires you to address.

YOU are the only one that can do something about it.   Yes, YOU!

Either you’re still begging someone to love you or maybe you just heard too many stories about what medications can do to your organs so you refuse to pop the effing pill(s) in you to feel better.

I mean you’re where you are because you refuse to let go period and take care of you first. 

The very people that are telling you not to pop that pill for your health, are busy smoking weed to calm their pain and anxiety.   They’re the people eating crap that will kill them first because, guess what? there really isn’t anything organic and all foods contain something that is considered bad for your health. The stories change everyday if you listen to these dimwits with so-called PhDs and whatnot.   It’s the blind following the clueless blind.

I mean too much fruit will get stored as fat and you’ll become diabetic if you’re eating enough sugar from fruits.   I’ve seen this in my own family.   Off fruits for a month was my prescription and I’m no licensed doctor.   She was back to normal .

So this is one small part of letting go.  The other things to address are everything that is toxic and preventing you from discovering your joy.

True authenticity is the greatest joy and freedom one can have?!  So what’s holding you back from getting your power back?

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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11 Responses to You Want Your Power Back???

  1. Liola Lee says:

    Well said Emma! Time to get that Power back! 🙂

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  2. markbierman says:

    100% agree with you here. Our thoughts control our emotions . . . “Garbage in, garbage out.” As my Dad would always say.

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  3. Emma, you always nail it bang on. Is there anything truer than: “… you’re where you are because you refuse to let go period and take care of you first.”

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