My Move/Drive From Florida to Chicago (hometown)

First stop was Atlanta, Georgia after 6 hrs of driving. This is the only photo I took the following day. When I arrived, I jumped into a hot shower as shoulders, neck, lats and back were so tight even though I stretched every 2 hours.

My next stop was Bowling Green, Kentucky and then following day into Chicago after a total of 17 1/2 hours on the road. 3 days.

This might seem easy to some but with chronic back pain and the anxiety that comes from it; I am thrilled to say that God showed up mighty strong for me. I felt like huge angels were guiding and protecting my journey. Some in front, back and sides of vehicle.

Here’s the thing, God is closer to the brokenhearted and he’s shows up to show us our strength amidst our fears. I just couldn’t believe that I could make that long of a journey but God proved me wrong.

Why did I drive then you ask. I couldn’t get an auto transporter as they were charging ridiculous prices to port the car. Some, I’m sure were looking to exploit the vulnerable during this pandemic and actually steal cars because they wanted to give you the contract after the pickup. Hold your car hostage or basically run a scam and keep it.

I’m getting settled in and recovering from the stressful drive. I’m glad I conquered the Tennessee mountains by myself and now I know strengths that I didn’t know I had.

Hope you all are keeping safe and only going out for essential needs. Let’s flatten the curb. We are all in this together.

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5 Responses to My Move/Drive From Florida to Chicago (hometown)

  1. Doing well looking forward to see more

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  2. “God is closer to the broken hearted”…thank you for the reminder.💛

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