Digg’n the weather up North ðŸ˜âœŒ

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7 Responses to Digg’n the weather up North ðŸ˜âœŒ

  1. Stay Cool, Emma 😎

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  2. It’s funny that I grew up in the north and now live in the south. I never thought I would say this, but I often think people further north are way more logical and intelligent. The people in the state I am in and I have very different views on important topics. Take care and stay safe~

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    • They and we are. I’ve been in Chicago most of my life 😁 I was in Florida constantly saying “people are sleeping on the switch”. I think it’s probably the weather that makes people more relaxed.

      I certainly met a lot of northerners and they felt the same. Most want to come back North. 2 yrs was too long for me as I had tried coming back last April. That reverse hibernation due to heat and humidity is the worse cabin fever especially if you’re in a small apartment.
      I like Florida during Chicago’s winter time; the very cold weather around January or February but that’s it.
      Stay safe and blessed dear.😍

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      • Oh WOW, the windy city! I have heard great things about Chicago. My husband’s aunt lived there for a while, she is a professional opera singer and has lived in so many places! She met her husband in Italy and we are all going to go someday!
        Seriously, we are thinking about moving to Canada in 2021. We will see how things go in the states first, but I am not stupid I already know what will happen. Please forgive me if you are a fan of the man in the white house. Enjoy the normal people up north while you can!

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      • Alyssa??? Don’t you remember my responses to your post on that ignorant fool. I can’t wait until he’s out of office. 😁😂✌

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      • Oh goodness, I guess my brain is on vacation! I am sorry, yes I do remember now! I have been ready for 3 years for him to go away!

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