The Change Begins With You

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Find Your Happy


Grandchildren are a major blessing.  My 3 queens enjoying the beach day over memorial day weekend.

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Detoxify Your Life Not just Your Body.


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Be well, Emma

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To Do Good You Must Feel Good First

The title statement said it all and it’s pretty trivial. However, there are so many simple phrases to remind us on how to live life to the fullest but we tend to forget and often need reminding.

It’s almost like we’re living in a bubble looking for the complex solution in order to find fulfillment.

Phrases like: life is too short…let go and move forward…love is the answer…better to lose a minute of your life than your life in a minute (slow down)…stop complaining and start taking action…the best road traveled is not the smooth one…live and learn…forgive and forget…leave the past where it belongs…and the list goes on.

So STOP looking for a complex solution to your problem, it’s actually pretty simple and not as bad as you think it is. Start finding the rainbows along your storms.

And, always remember to invest in empowering yourself because money doesn’t buy you love just sex and spiritual wealth puts any other type of wealth to shame.

Be Blessed, Emma

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Life is a Stage of Performance

If we begin to look at life as a stage and we are the performers then we come to realize that we want to perform at our very best.

Therefore, we must always try our best to be conscious of our daily actions and that they produce the best results when interacting with others.

As we react to others, the reciprocation is typically the same. Positive energy gets positivity like negative energy get negativity.

On rare occasions you may encounter someone with the opposite response and you must understand that it is simply “their pain” speaking and you do not have to receive that energy. Smile and say God bless and be on your way.

So do your best to give your best performance everyday.

Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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Faith Muscles

Whether you realize it or not your faith muscles are always at work.  When you cross the street, you trust that the drivers are going to stop.  You don’t stand there worrying whether you should cross or not.  If you’re spending that much time worrying, you’re not living in the positive realm and your faith muscles are in need of some serious tuning up.

We all experience bigger circumstances that question our faith and we then have to revert back to how we use our faith muscles everyday and build on that.  We’re not always going to get an answer from God because somethings are left for only Source to know.  We just have to trust that if we’re doing our best to live in the positive realm, all else will work for our best and the Glory of God.

We just have to trust that God Is In Control.

Love, Light and Blessings,

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The Choice Is Yours

You can either spend time focusing on someone else’s blessings and/or shortcomings but that only takes energy away from you.  You need all the positive energy to quench out the fires in your life in order to see the blessings come to fruition.

Whenever you find yourself focusing too heavily on something or someone and the result is drainage of your positive energy reserves – STOP!  Refocus on what you need to be doing in your life to make it better.  You can’t help anybody until you have positive energy for yourself.

May the rest of your weekend be filled with manifesting your best self.

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Inspirational Titles on Sale

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Squeeze As Much Joy Out of Life As You Can


OneofaKindshowEONegrete.jpgWell it’s been pretty cold and rainy in Chicago but I managed to get out and find some joy at the One of a Kind Show.  This show is spectacular as you find one of a kind designers and sculptors creating such beautiful pieces.  In addition, you have the entrepreneurs creating all their gourmet candies, sauces, chips, protein bars, etc.

Tasting the samples was the best and something I look forward to as they keep adding more healthy product lines each year.  I certainly managed to pass out enough business cards as I get a lot of vendors wanting me to promote their health products.

As you can see, I don’t let my chronic back pain stop me from staying fit and enjoying life to the fullest.

Count your blessings and remember you are so worth it!



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The Mind and Spirit of a Champion

“Having pursued the goals, the dreams set before us and run the race with persistence and endurance, after giving it all. Then one day standing on the summit of life, breathing in the pure sweet oxygen of achievement, totally satisfied in running the greatest race, the race of life one that ANYONE can run and […]

via The Mindset and Spirit of a Champion — BOOKS BY CRAIG LOCK

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