Do You Need A Timeout From Social Media?


Social media has it’s pros and cons no different than tv offerings or any other venue of interaction.

Do you ever find yourself being content with your own life and all of a sudden someone or something you see makes you feel less than?  Makes you feel like you should be doing something else or, better yet, concerned with your followers,  likes and/or comments??

Those distractions are simply there to rob you of your joy, your authentic self. 

Don’t let the false pretense that everyone else is having a great time doing something that you are not doing fool you.

I get amazed at how many people have a great need to have companionship only to ignore one another and take selfies to post and interact on social media.   They’re not having a great time with their friends because they’re too busy trying to show you how great their life is when, in reality,  they’re bored as f*ck with their friends but feel they have to prove something to strangers on social media.

I see these types of interactions daily and wonder if they even know that they’re wasting precious time with pretenses instead of being at their authentic highest self where true joy, peace and happiness lives.

A passionate life is what you’re giving up when trying to play that type of  social media game.

Be YOU where true authenticity will shine far greater than pretense.  Show all of you, good and bad because,  you know what? We’re all broken in some way.

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©Emma Ortega Negrete 


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There is Power in Your Pain

“Your pain is only there to create the masterpiece.  It’s the power ignited from the pain that allows the transformation from walking corpse to masterpiece.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Don’t Fight The Resistance

“Fighting the resistance is a key factor in keeping you from being YOU – authenticity.”  ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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What Is Life About?

“In life, the memories of all that is good and bad are what become your blueprints to designing the Best of You.   If you didn’t have them,  what would fuel the fires of strength,  determination and dedication?” ©Emma Ortega Negrete Books are at

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Peace, The Underestimated #1 Asset

“Don’t allow the negative voices to drown out your peace. For it is in peace – the top hierarchy – of manifesting clarity, vision, passion, joy and abundance in your life.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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A New You Doesn’t Have A Specific Start Date


It doesn’t take a New Year to do a New You. Every single second you can dictate what you want out of your life. Everyone wants to be happy but few are willing to do what’s required to make that happen. Yeah, I know it’s hard. But don’t you deserve and want to be happy??

Where was it written that you needed to stop loving yourself and be a sacrificial lamb to make others like or even love you.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the bullshit served up to you by society, haters, naysayers, spouses, jobs, etc. leaving you drained and unhappy; then aren’t you worth fighting for the New You?

Stop wasting time waiting for a New Year to do a revamp of your life. Who told you that you weren’t enough? Who discriminated against you? Who said you were fat? ugly? skinny? and whatever other toxic noise you heard and actually believed. The who ever said don’t matter in your equation of creating the best version of you, your New You!

So I got some hard ass news to tell you. You were created by the most precious positive force out there and no amount of negative energy can stop you from becoming who you are meant to be. Today, let that sink deep down in your spirit.

Get that fire brewing in you to shape your tomorrows. Take it a step at a time. Heck, take it hour by hour forget about taking it one day at a time. You dictate your timetable. No one has any idea what you’re going through and; let me tell you something- if they did – they sure in hell would not take your place and walk in your shoes. They want your success but aren’t willing to pay the price.

So stop worrying about what others think and stop letting the fear of loneliness and rejection keep you in a handicap state. Because bad toxic company is going to hand you those ugly feelings on a platter, guaranteed 100% primo.

As an empowerment coach and one whose been there and had to fight and still fights with all her strength and manages to show the haters that pain didn’t nor doesn’t define her – it just made me a fireball to be reckon with. God’s power showing up strong and stronger.

All my empowerment books will help you. However, the one that stands out is my fireball baby:

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Inspirational Writings II

Writings and quotes that ignite the power from within. Now execute your passions with empowerment.

For this book with inspirational writings and quotes, go to my author page

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Do The Same Shit, Get The Same Shitty Outcome

Folks, (writing this post with slang and in your face real shit. Don’t read if you’re sensitive to the real World .)

My last post talked about the fact that you don’t need a New Year to do a New You.

With that said, whatever you want to change in your life whether it be your job, weight, toxic friends, toxic spouse and a whole slew of things that just ain’t working out for you – You need to get that mind in check.

If your mind ain’t right, you’re gonna fall back into your old habits and keep yourself enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks. It can get mighty expensive because the most precious thing you’re losing out on is peace and peace is priceless.   Anything that robs you of peace is too high of a price to pay.

Let’s say you’ve dealt time after time with a cheating spouse and everytime you give in the moment he or she says “I’m sorry babe, you know you’re my ride and die girl/boy” And, of course, you make up because the sex is just a whole lot better when somebody’s drawers accidentally slipped – yeah right!

The point is that you need to start being accountable for the crap you choose to swallow and not cry victim. You are where you are because YOU WANT TO BE.

It’s all on you. Everyone that has made successful changes in their life paid a price of acceptance, which by the way, is very hard to do. But you got to know that things ain’t changing until you find your voice and do something about it that’s a no-repeat from your last attempt. Change your approach to the bullshit being served to you.

Start leading your way to victory and stop following the clueless crowd.

As an empowerment coach and author it is my passion to make you victorious. My empowerment books can be found on my author page.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Inspirational Writings


Available at

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F*ck The Pain and Make Today Your Bitch

“The best version of you starts with YOU getting your power back. Otherwise, the version you create is not from a place of authenticity. “ ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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