Love is the Key


Jesus Christ has so many different meanings to so many people of different beliefs.  Well to me, Jesus is not only someone who lived but someone that did the ultimate sacrifice to teach us how to address our pains and sorrows through love and forgiveness.

All the other characteristics like compassion, empathy, non-judgement, patience and kindness are feelings to allow us to take action in that state of moment-time.  These serve to get us to that weightless feeling of holding no burdens.

We all carry burdens to a degree with some carrying more than others.  However, the pain is the same.

Therefore, lets begin to let go of the animosity, envy and bitterness and reach that place where you feel weightless without a care in the World.  It’s a feeling that can be accomplished with balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.  However, the balance may require different things for different people with different situations.  Each burden and each body can produce a different effect.  It’s easier for some to reach this balance while it requires more for others.  I’d like to think the others develop a greater strength to serve a larger purpose in life.  God doesn’t allow the storms if He didn’t have a plan.

If you take anything good from this post is that there was a Messiah and somehow we all serve as Angels to continue to remind ourselves and others on how to make it in a World that has so much negative weight.  We continue to show the way to others as Jesus did.

Blessings and Merry Christmas, Emma


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The Choice Is Yours

You can either spend time focusing on someone else’s blessings and/or shortcomings but that only takes energy away from you.  You need all the positive energy to quench out the fires in your life in order to see the blessings come to fruition.

Whenever you find yourself focusing too heavily on something or someone and the result is drainage of your positive energy reserves – STOP!  Refocus on what you need to be doing in your life to make it better.  You can’t help anybody until you have positive energy for yourself.

Give yourself the best gift of truly loving “YOU”.

Emma Ortega Negrete

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There is Power in Your Pain

“Your pain is only there to create the masterpiece.  It’s the power ignited from the pain that allows the transformation from walking corpse to masterpiece.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Much Love,  Light and Blessings, Emma


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Want to heal? Let Go

There are so many things in this World that we can find ourselves hanging onto too tightly. Those things may even be beliefs that, in actuality, rob us of our joy. God did not intend on us living a miserable life listening to all the negativity that other people tell us or the negative thoughts that come into our minds.

His thoughts are always loving towards us. He wants us to enjoy our lives and not get caught up in anything or anyone who robs us from receiving our very best.

So you see, ailments, family, jobs, friends, false beliefs and so on can actually be keeping you from living life to the fullest. Sometimes, the ill don’t realize that they are ill and permeating negative energy. Therefore, it is for you to NOT RECEIVE IT.

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Be Blessed, Emma

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Be Honest With Yourself

The most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself.  You have to ask yourself which people are in your life that primarily provide more negative energy than positive energy.

It may hurt a bit to get real with yourself but if you want to move forward and upward you have to remove yourself from those that are toxic and suck out your positive energy.

Confusion, envy and strife among other negative feelings exists with people in a negative state.  They may have an ailment that they are not addressing or willing to accept and treat.  However, you can’t put off your life because they don’t want to be honest with themselves thus continuously become energy vampires that bring you down instead of lifting you up and celebrating you.

No matter whether that person is blood or non-blood, you DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE THE ABUNDANT LIFE THAT GOD PROMISED.  People who are not honest with themselves are in fact not willing to love themselves. It takes a great deal of courage to love yourself fully.

If a person is not willing to love themselves, well then how  can they truly love you?

You have to be willing to give love to yourself before you can even begin to give it to someone else.  ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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Be Blessed!


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Soar Like An Eagle


God (omnipotent positive energy) did not allow the pain to manifest to conquer you but rather to propel you forward.  It is the very pain that you use to eliminate all the noise that is keeping you from healing.  The pain is there to stretch you to take action against the negative realm.  You must be relentless and tenacious in receiving the blessings that await you to live your best life ever!  There needs to be growth in order for you to spread your wings and take flight.  Then you will Soar Like An Eagle as God promised. ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Happy Blessed Sunday, Emma


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Put Yourself as High Priority on your To Do List

I might be 54 yrs yg. and a grandmother to 3 beautiful, smart and athletic girls but I still focus on my exercise even though I have chronic back pain.  Endorphins will get your mood leveled if you have anxiety or, frankly, any type of ailment.  The body was made to “MOVE”.

Jesus Christ walked from town to town.  It is said that folks back then were extremely fit.  What happened to the joy of moving our bodies?  Have we exchanged it for spending countless hours on meaningless social media chatter?

You have to know that if God hasn’t taken you home, there is purpose in your life.  It starts with you feeling good about you.  It starts with loving yourself.  In order to love yourself, you have to be willing to take the treatment you need for your ailments and get on with life.  Isn’t your life worth it?

John 10:10 says Jesus died so that we could live an abundant life in every area but we still have to take action.

Do what you have to in order to get your life back.  Get that Mind, Body & Soul Balance for “YOU”.  Once you do, you can serve others as God(omnipotent positive energy) desires of you.

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Be Fearless

Folks, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be fearless” but that can really mean so many things to each individual.

You see, each individual is either going through something or just got out of a storm.

In order to be fearless, you have to address whatever storm you’re in period. For example, if a person is looking to be in the best shape of their lives; they first have to address their health. If their health has some ailments, well then those ailments need to be addressed in order to get in the best shape of their life. That person may need medication, therapy or even an operation.

Whatever it is that your storm is, be fearless in doing all you have to do to live out your dreams-your best life ever. Leave your mark in this World because YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ©Emma Ortega Negrete

Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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Stop listening to the BS and start living your best life.

It’s their negativity and not yours to receive. Don’t let them occupy anymore time in your head.

The best advice is usually the hardest to take. It’s easier said than done.

However, if you want to live your best life ever, you got to let them go and heal on their own.

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Much Love and Blessings, Emma

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