You Were Created To Be Happy, That Is Your Main Purpose – Finding Authenticity


So the real question is “how do I get into this happy state of being?” Well, you have to get to your authentic self first before you can navigate to your happiness – what makes you happy.

Following the clueless crowd that jumps at every whim because “it’s the in thing to do” is really not going to make you happy in the long run. Your focus needs to be on what you want for YOU.

Those temporary moments of happiness are no different than going and buying a material item for the purpose of making you happy isn’t going to cut it either. You’ll be bored with it in a month or so if you are relying on it to make you happy.

On the other hand, complimenting yourself with material things after which time you arrived at authenticity is key. ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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“Life may not be a walk in the park.  However, with a little bit of gratitude and self-love, you can see the sunshine even when it’s raining.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Get Off The Roller Coaster From Hell


Life isn’t all parties, balloons and laughter all the time. However, you can at least adjust your ride so that you can get as much joy, happiness and fulfillment.

You might have to switch the gearshift on how fast you’re going or maybe even get rid of the things, people and even places where you encounter this roller coaster.

You can’t control others but you certainly can do something about your own life.

Whatever it is that’s robbing you out of your peace- End It or rather, Get Off The Roller Coaster From Hell.

©Emma Ortega Negrete

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CDD is warning public to stop vaping due to too many lung-related deaths.

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Empowerment Breeds Life

It’s tough to be present in the NOW if you are emotionally and/or physically in pain. Therefore, understand that you are responsible for taking action to change your circumstances. No one can do it for you.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Soar Like An Eagle


God (omnipotent positive energy) did not allow the pain to manifest to conquer you but rather to propel you forward.  It is the very pain that you use to eliminate all the noise that is keeping you from healing.  The pain is there to stretch you to take action against the negative realm.  You must be relentless and tenacious in receiving the blessings that await you to live your best life ever!  There needs to be growth in order for you to spread your wings and take flight.  Then you will Soar Like An Eagle as God promised. ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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The Market Does Not Dictate Your Value, YOU DO


The market does not dictate your value.  The likes and/or comments you get on your posts does not dictate your value.  The amount of followers do not dictate your value.

YOU dictate your value.  YOU dictate what you are worth.  YOU set the price on the value of your work.

Remember, in a saturated social media market no different than the former historic housing foreclosure market; people adjusted their value based on the price others were willing to sell.  Of course, that is if you wanted to sell your property.  I, however, hung in there until things turned.  I knew the value of my home.  I wasn’t going to give it away.

So here’s the thing, you can’t suit the exploiters or toxic people that don’t know your value and give in to their agenda.  My experiences tell me they don’t know their own value; so how the heck are they going to know yours?

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Be Relentless


I was thrilled to see that Tiger Woods reclaimed his health and his sport.  It proves the point of never giving up (when, of course, you have the passion within you).  The anterior back surgery they did proved not only to be a success but it helped him become a champion again in his own right, winning his 5th Masters and is now a 15-time major winner.  It took him 10 years to finally get his 5th Masters but with persistence, discipline and dedication it was done.  Nobody says it’s going to be an easy ride just because you’re passionate about something.

I constantly speak on the subject of getting to your best self.  That best self is a different narrative for probably all of us because, even if we’re in pursuit of the same thing, we are unique individuals.  And, the smallest of difference is going to make an impact on how we present ourselves, our craft and hence our success based on our authenticity.

It is very clear to me that passions that continue to remain within our hearts, should be pursued; relentlessly.  They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t meant to be pursued.  However, take note that Tiger went through 4 back surgeries not including any other surgeries related to other parts of his body for this sport  He even sat out the entire year of 2016 for healing.

Here’s the thing, if you’re passionate about something, don’t give up even if things are affecting your game plan, whatever that might be for you.  You have to pursue the remedies/solutions (i.e., studying, practice, discipline, health, education, surgeries, and therapy) that line up with your narrative to succeeding in your passions.

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Permission To Live

“It takes some illness or major catastrophe in our lives for us to truly give ourselves permission to live. “

©Emma Ortega Negrete 

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“If you

“If you have so much time on your hands that being nosy into what others are doing keeps you busy; then you most definitely are the only perfect person in the World. ” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

Folks, life is way too short to be an antagonistic force out there, especially to yourself. In due time, you’ll wonder why you were wasting time being a busybody. When, in fact, you should have been working on getting yourself together.

Spending time in an unproductive way may seem easier than working on yourself. Don’t let fear redirect your focus on something other than yourself.

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