Where Ignorance Lives

“…people would come to understand that the greatest purpose is finding your authentic highest self …”

©Emma Ortega Negrete 





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Love What You Do, Do What You Love


Folks, I  mean it can’t get any clearer for you.  They even made shoes with the saying.   I just had to take a picture.



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Show Up


You are not defined by what others think of you.

Their timetable on when you should do something or how you should do it is not your problem if it comprises your authentic self.

You need to show up for YOU before you can show up for someone else.  Your handicap state of mind will not produce fruit.

The “others” are simply your opposition. They are NOT part of your equation of success.

©Emma Ortega Negrete 

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“Why do…

“Why do people fight to be heard? After all, it is silence that speaks volumes in the midst of chaos.”©Emma Ortega Negrete 

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Do You Need A Timeout From Social Media?


Social media has it’s pros and cons no different than tv offerings or any other venue of interaction.

Do you ever find yourself being content with your own life and all of a sudden someone or something you see makes you feel less than?  Makes you feel like you should be doing something else or, better yet, concerned with your followers,  likes and/or comments??

Those distractions are simply there to rob you of your joy, your authentic self. 

Don’t let the false pretense that everyone else is having a great time doing something that you are not doing fool you.

I get amazed at how many people have a great need to have companionship only to ignore one another and take selfies to post and interact on social media.   They’re not having a great time with their friends because they’re too busy trying to show you how great their life is when, in reality,  they’re bored as f*ck with their friends but feel they have to prove something to strangers on social media.

I see these types of interactions daily and wonder if they even know that they’re wasting precious time with pretenses instead of being at their authentic highest self where true joy, peace and happiness lives.

A passionate life is what you’re giving up when trying to play the social media game.

Be YOU where true authenticity will shine far greater than pretense.  Show all of you, good and bad because,  you know what? We’re all broken in some way.

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©Emma Ortega Negrete 


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Reminder for Thanksgiving. Read FREE titles on Kindle Unlimited

Folks, here’s your chance for some amazing self empowerment for FREE.  I never put any of my titles to be read for free. In fact, these have been some of my top sellers.

My intention here is for you to find the words in any of these titles to help unravel the lies and see your truth.

Owning your truth gives you the energy to actions that come from your authentic self.

Enjoy these 3 titles of self empowerment as this is short term.

Happy Thanksgiving all and God bless you and yours!!



Bless up and Happy Reading, Emma

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My Response to a Post on Getting More Instagram Followers for Free

“Very nice. As a self empowerment coach, I agree with your points. However, the amount of followers and likes does not define us.

We must evaluate why we even need followers, etc. If it’s to sell products and/or be an influencer of some sort to get sponsors; then it will require a pretty good following to get brands reaching out to you.

Nevertheless, being our authentic highest self is going to create the following that you want and vice versa.

I firmly believe that we have to evaluate the whys we are fixed on followers and likes in order to then be able to look in the mirror and be happy with whom we are.

We need to remember not to leave our day job for false expectations that some social media marketers are trying to sell. It makes money for them but it may leave you with a disappointing reality.”

Be You always, Emma😁

©Emma Ortega Negrete 

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Do You Truly Want To Be Successful??


Then you have to be willing to do what it takes…  Things you probably never even thought of.   You decide.  I’m already successful in my talents.   I’m here to help and show you the way through self empowerment.

The key is do you really want to be successful??  Then you must invest in yourself.



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Take Chances For We Are Truly Here A Short Time


I know we have all been in the place of worry and fear wondering if we should do something or not.  The fact is fear is not part of our natural born positive-makeup.  We do not come from fear or worry. God (Source) does not possess any of those negative qualities.  We have to realize when negative energies within ourselves and others are bringing such emotions to the surface.

For me, I certainly know that Spirit will continuously lead me in the right direction because it is Spirit that has me here and places desires in my heart so that I may move forward.

So today, ask yourself what is keeping you from taking the plunge and making a change in your life?  Is God not directing your steps?  Try bringing in all the positive resources that you have to in order to accomplish what HIS will is for you.

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©Emma Ortega Negrete 


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