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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be fearless” but that can really mean so many things to each individual.

You see, each individual is either going through something or just got out of a difficult situation.

In order to be fearless, you have to address whatever storm you’re in period. For example, if a person is looking to be in the best shape of their life; they first have to address their health. If their health has some ailments, well then those ailments need to be addressed first in order to properly exercise and not sabotage your efforts.

Whatever your storm is, be fearless in doing all you have to do to live out your dreams-your best life ever. Leave your mark in this World because YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Whether you know it or not, you are making decisions in your life based on taking action or not taking action.

We must be present in order to recognize the importance of what we do or not do in our daily lives. Those decisions define our current state of living.

Here’s the thing, there are many decisions we can change just as there are many we can’t. Those that we can change will help in redefining us. The ones we can’t change, will help serve as lessons in moving forward with clarity, understanding and appreciation to make better choices in the future; assuming that they were bad decisions.

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YOU are Responsible for your own Happiness

Attentively Listening
Beautiful day and wonderful positive spirits to chat with. The only kind that are not vampires that suck your positive energy. You must shut that negative noise off in order to find your joy. 😁 Remember to do your best to be around people who make you feel good. That includes family.

Everyday try and find some joy. There will be good and not so good days. You know the bad ones.

Take the approach of measuring your pain whether it’s emotional and or physical. Then, get it deep down in your spirit that You deserve at least 7 times more joy for all your suffering.

Here’s the thing, we were not created to be in pain. We were created to live in abundance and to the fullest.

Therefore, if you set your mind to recognize that you are so deserving of joy, you will take the necessary actions to get to that state of happiness.

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Always Stretch Even After A Brisk Walk


Depending on your ailments such as chronic back pain and anxiety; after a brisk 4 mile walk it’s crucial to stretch. The body will automatically tighten up even more so than someone without back pain.

With the humidity out here it can leave you fatigued so you want to stretch, drink lots of water and get rid of toxins and stored fat. Leave your weight training for a separate session in the evening or the following day.

Happy to know that at 4 months away from my 57th birthday and with ailments, I am still doing the damn thing and not allowing them to define me.

You can do it!! Set your pace for success 😁💪.

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Make it a great day!

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The Fitness Handbook That was Asked For By Facebook Following Demand

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With more than 3 decades of fitness experience in this book, you can get your shredded body or bikini tone look or simply learn top methods to lose weight, gain muscle and lose fat among many of my tips and secrets to keeping your sexy on whether male or female 😁💪

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Your Pain is the Blueprint to the Masterpiece

“Your pain is only there to create the masterpiece.  It’s the power ignited from the pain that allows the transformation from walking corpse to masterpiece.” ©Emma Ortega Negrete

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Their Opinions Don’t Matter


You know what you’re going through and what you need to do daily to find your peace and joy. Therefore, don’t allow others to question what you do in your times of struggle. You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission as they are not walking in your shoes.

Their opinions don’t matter!

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“In life, the need for…

©Emma Ortega Negrete
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Never Give Up On Your Dreams, Ignore The Naysayers

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